- How it Works

Driver AI is a design and decision-making tool that specializes in interpreting technology stacks regardless of framework, language, age, or size.

In our experience, it takes a software engineering team about three months to get up-to-speed on a new code base and costs roughly $500,000.

Multiply that by the number of applications in an organization—which can range from hundreds to thousands of codebases, documents, and SKUs—and you're looking at months of discovery and millions of dollars.

Most organizations can't invest that much into fully comprehending their existing technology stack, so they either abandon critical projects or the technical debt just keeps piling up.

With Driver AI, teams are able to slash codebase discovery from months to days and reallocate critical resources to accelerating innovation. Even better, Driver AI automatically stays in sync as your business evolves.


We ingest your existing codebases, organize them within our platform, and generate internal documentation at various levels of abstraction with LLMs. Our platform comprehends code regardless of language, age, or framework.


Through our interactive web application, you're able to view and explore your existing systems. We provide extensive structured documentation at the executive, business, and technical levels that explains the capabilities of your technology assets and how those capabilities are delivered. You no longer have to task teams, pay millions, and wait months to fully understand what your software does and how it works.

Accelerate Delivery

Once you can comprehend and explain your existing software, you can bridge departmental gaps, speed up processes, and accelerate delivery. Fueled by the context we provide, you're able to make better — and quicker! — decisions about what to do next.

We work with chip manufacturing, enterprise IT, and software product development teams.

What will you create?