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How We Do Things Around Here

  • We use a memo-driven, asynchronous working style. This way of working favors highly motivated people who value thoughtfulness, autonomy, and trust.
  • We trust ourselves and one another. We listen to one another, take time to stay in sync and are rapid, fearless, and thoughtful communicators.
  • We are excellent. We are excellent in our distinct disciplines and excellent in making those disciplines work together.
  • We are fearless. We are focused on the road and not the wall. We are focused on our customers not the competition. We are optimistic about a world where companies can innovate faster.
  • We are open. We use memos to work through and present our best thinking. We make these memos accessible to the whole organization and value the autonomy and trust that blooms in a transparent environment.
  • We are grown-ups. Our conviction is born out of experience—we have built other businesses and led teams at Fortune 100 companies. We are mature about what it takes to build a successful business and know how to stay grounded through all the twists and turns.

What will you create?