We're a team of Fortune 500 technology leaders, engineers, and investors who have worked across dozens of industries and technology stacks.
What we have in common is this: projects that mattered deeply to us failed because we couldn't overcome our companies' complex maze of software assets.


We started Driver AI when we discovered a way to use LLMs to unlock our understanding of complex tech stacks—the exact solution we needed when we were leading Fortune 500 tech and innovation teams.

Now, we're on a mission to share what we've learned and help teams rapidly accelerate their own productivity and innovation.

We're hiring
  • Adam Tilton

    Adam Tilton


  • Daniel Hensley

    Daniel Hensley


  • Jimmy Hugill

    Jimmy Hugill

    CFO & COO

  • Ryan Bolick

    Ryan Bolick

    Founding Engineer

  • Eric Miller

    Eric Miller

    Founding Engineer

  • Neil Zumwalde

    Neil Zumwalde

    Founding Engineer

  • Aaron Monieson

    Aaron Monieson



Backed by Y Combinator and an experienced team of successful founders and industry experts.

  • Steve Tran

    Steve Tran

    • Former Head of Strategy, Actium Health and Nuance
    • Co-founder, BeVocal
  • Michael Seedman

    Michael Seedman

    • Executive Partner, Siris Capital
    • Founder, Practical Peripherals and Entrega Technologies
  • Casey Cowell

    Casey Cowell

    • Founder and Former CEO, US Robotics
  • Craig Vodnik

    Craig Vodnik

    • Co-founder and CEO, Cleverbridge
  • Douglas Monieson

    Douglas Monieson

    • CEO, UICO
  • Roel Peeters

    Roel Peeters

    • Co-founder and CEO, Roost
    • Co-founder, Ozmo Devices
  • Michael Williams

    Michael Williams

    • SVP, Boomi
  • Anne Bradley

    Anne Bradley

    • Former Chief Privacy Officer and Global Counsel, Nike
  • Sujeet Chand

    Sujeet Chand

    • Former SVP and CTO, Rockwell Automation
Our Guiding Principles
  • We let the questions lead us, not the answers.
  • We are rapid, fearless and thoughtful communicators.
  • We focus on the road and not the wall.